Im Dean  

a designer living in Zürich and here is my portfolio                                                                                                                                          for Queries, Quotes and Questions, contact                                                                                                                                          dean.spaghetti@gmail.com


Picante Hot Sauce

This was a commissioned project to design and produce the packaging for a popular hot sauce in South Africa called Picante, total freedom was given to me in terms of deign and concept, This was an absolutely fantastic opportunity to explore and create a good narrative hidden in a form of packaging. We decided to go to the depth of the ocean and the mystique of dead sailors in lost seas.  


Maurice LaCroix

What an honour it was to work on the Maurice Lacroix campaign, along side a Korean superstar Jang Dun Gun. His style and attitude is what makes him the perfect brand ambassador. The campaign features both Pontos lines from Maurice LaCroix, as well as another star range in the collection, Pontos sports range, with its world renowned  ambassador FCB team Barcelona.


The Green Squad

Co-produced by Alphanim, Europool and France Televisions, is and eco-travel adventure show where three siblings enlist the aid of a global blogging network to save the planets natural treasures. The series is broadcasted on France 5 in France, RTBF and VTM in Belgium, RTS in Switzerland, Minimax in Central and Eastern Europe, Noga in Israël, Al Jazeera for the Middle East and Canal+ in Poland. German broadcaster KI.KA also recently acquired the series. In Asia, the show airs on Natseven in Malaysia and Okto in Singapore. It was an absolute pleasure to work on such a massive project with Alphanim and have my work displayed world wide.


Robot Republic

This is the Corporate identity, a brilliant idea to brand the children's television network called Robot Republic, aiming to towards a young teen audience, this network had to remain fun, exciting, dynamic, yet serious and functional. Along with other challenges such as finding a branding that was gender neutral. 


Nissan Juke Music Festival

happening in JBay South Africa. We were approached to created an animated version of the Nissan Juke radio ad that is currently running on 5FM. StraightTwisted worked closely with us and briefed us saying that they were looking for two pigeon characters that start beat boxing as the Juke drives past.

We had full creative freedom on the character designs and animation style from storyboards to final, the ad had to be finished in a week. So with a team of four very talented creatives and no sleep we produced an ad that we all had great fun with.


Motion Graphics

My experience with Cinema 4D has grown tremendously in the past year and this is a personal Motion graphics project that has come to fruition. 



This was a chance to really flex the drawing muscles, This is a LP sleeve for a local band in South Africa called Blam. The cover design is aimed at showing their unique indi rock feel, and experimental music. Blame has just released their second debut album.


Its All Mickey Mouse

This Is an ongoing zine project, this is ZananaZine-002


Screen Shots

These are screen shots of ongoing/previous projects for various clients